Chaleco Pumas UNAM Hombre Original-Chalecos-Tienda-Pumas-Oficial
Chaleco Pumas UNAM Hombre Original-Chalecos-Tienda-Pumas-Oficial
Chaleco Pumas UNAM Hombre Original-Chalecos-Tienda-Pumas-Oficial
Chaleco Pumas UNAM Hombre Original-Chalecos-Tienda-Pumas-Oficial
Chaleco Pumas UNAM Hombre Original-Chalecos-Tienda-Pumas-Oficial
Chaleco Pumas UNAM Hombre Original-Chalecos-Tienda-Pumas-Oficial

Pumas UNAM Men's Original Vest

$ 899.00
SKU: 64649-CH

Color: Navy Blue-White

Navy Blue-White

Talla: CH

Keep the cold away with this Pumas UNAM men's vest with the traditional Blue-Gold team colors you will show your support for the team at all times.
This original sleeveless garment designed for men that features the logo and colors of the Pumas UNAM football team. This vest has a simple, versatile and elegant design, with the Pumas logo on the upper side.
It is a classic cut vest with straight lines and a timeless appearance that adapts to various occasions, and at all times shows support for Pumas UNAM in a discreet and stylish way.

Pumas UNAM Vest
- Brand: Pumas
- Model: Vest
- Color blue
- Material: Polyester
- Code: 64649

- Light
- Convenient
- Suave
- Versatile
- Quality
- Durable

LIGHTWEIGHT: Thanks to its sleeveless design, this vest is lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods without feeling overwhelmed by the weight. But at the same time comfortable, keeping the chest and back warm.
COMFORTABLE: Men's vests are designed for comfort and freedom of movement. The classic fit is usually loose in the torso, allowing for greater comfort when worn.
SOFT: Made with soft-touch materials that feel comfortable against the skin and prevent irritation.
VERSATILE: versatility is another of its characteristics. You can wear them over t-shirts or shirts, either to show your support for the Pumas UNAM team at a soccer match or as a casual everyday garment.
QUALITY MATERIALS: It is made with durable materials that last a long time, such as high-quality cotton that maintains its shape and color even after many washes.
DURABLE: Designed with quality materials and careful construction, this vest is a durable and wear-resistant option. Which means you can enjoy using them for a long time without losing their appearance or functionality.
  • Winter vest
  • Men's vest
  • Men's winter vests
  • One of the cougars
  • Winter clothes
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      Iván Horacio

      Estaría perfecto pero ayer llegó y el escudo se está despegando :(